What to Wear for Family Photos

Deciding what to wear for your family photos can feel like so overwhelming, and it strikes fear in the heart of many of my clients. Here are my Top 5 Tips to help you style your family:

Two adorable children smiling at the camera
  1. Plan in advance.

    Give yourself plenty of time to shop and make outfit decisions. Gather the clothing for each person, use a bed to lay the outfits together, and switch out pieces until you find what you love. Make sure clothes are free of wrinkles, stains, and pet hair.

  2. Consider your home décor. 

    You’ll be displaying your family photos, so consider what colors will look best in your home. Will you want to wear soft colors (cream, grey, blues, pinks) or warm colors (plum, rust, orange) or vivid jewel tones (emerald green, royal blue)?

  3. Coordinate, don’t match.

    Choose a color scheme then mix and match colors so everyone coordinates.  You can also choose 2 or 3 colors that complement each other, then fill in with neutrals like denim and khaki. Sometimes it’s helpful to choose one piece, like the blue sweater that makes Mom feel beautiful, and build around it.  

  4. Build layers.

    Layers create beautiful texture in your portraits.  For fall, think boots, scarves, cardigans, blazers, jewelry and leggings.  Add a tee shirt under a boy’s button down or a vest over it for visual interest.

  5. Don’t forget accessories!

    Colorful scarves, hats, belts, headbands, and necklaces are  a great way to add texture and personality in your portraits.

* Avoid tiny prints, bright white, neon colors, and logos.

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